1.    All enquiries for hiring the Hall should be addressed to the Bookings Secretary
       Jackie Bradley                 Tel:      01594 860985

2.    The Bookings Secretary will send out:-
        a.   The Hiring Agreement
        b.   Information for hirers.

3.    No booking shall be accepted until a completed Hiring Agreement and any necessary deposit has been received.

4.    Payment in full for the hire must be received before the end of the hire.

5.    Keys for the Hall should be collected from
         Daphne Gwilliam, Dryslade Farm, English Bicknor, GL16 7PA
         Tel:   01594 860259

6.    No person under the age of 18 is allowed to hire the Hall

7.    If persons attending the hire function at the Hall include those under the age of 18, then the hirer must ensure
       that there is a majority of persons attending over the age of 18.

8.    The management Committee reserve the right to refuse to provide a licensed bar if there is to be a significant
       number of persons under the age of 18 attending the function

9.    The management committee may reduce the hiring charges for local and charity functions at the Hall in their
       absolute discretion.