The Village Hall is a registered Charity (Number 272418)  

The land and the Hall are vested in the Trustees and the management of the Hall is conducted by a committee consisting of elected members and representatives from all the various clubs and groups in the Parish eg. The Gardening Club, the WI and the School.

The day to day management of the Hall is by the Executive Committee consisting of:- 

Chair         Phil Gwilliam                                                                        Secretary      Sharon Shelbourn
                01594 860259                                                                                          01594 860253

Treasurer   Robin Fyffe                                                                           Bookings      Jackie Bradley
                01594 861343                                                                                          01594 860985

The Accounts, Management Committee Minutes, Operational Policies and Risk Assessments may be viewed by clicking the link below.

Village Hall Accounts, Minutes and Policies